This comprehensive program offers participants a unique opportunity to engage with the latest educational transformations in Europe, enhancing their academic and professional development through research, publication, and international collaboration.
Internship Program Summary 
  • Venue:
    Higher School of Social and Economic (Przeworsk, Poland)
  • Program Duration:
    6 weeks (180 hours, 6 ECTS credits)
  • Target Audience:
    Academic and teaching staff of higher education institutions, research staff of scientific institutions, doctoral candidates.
  • Description:
    The internship program focuses on the study of key transformational processes in the European educational environment and the contemporary challenges that affect the training of specialists in higher education. Participants explore various aspects of educational directions, training methodologies, and the application of IT technologies in educational processes. The program covers topics such as strategic management of modern higher education institutions, principles of lifelong learning, academic mobility, integrity, and standards of behavior for researchers.
  • Objective:
    To provide participants with deep knowledge and practical skills regarding the transformational changes in the European educational landscape, focusing on the challenges faced by higher education institutions in training specialists.
  • Methodology:
    The program involves independent study, case analysis, preparation of scientific articles, and their submission for publication in the international academic publication "International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal 'Expert'". Participants develop strategic plans, conduct scientific research, and contribute to the international scientific community through publications.
  • Outcomes:
    Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate that confirms their international experience and is considered when obtaining academic titles in Ukraine. They acquire deep knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to develop their own educational projects and careers in higher education.
Program Content:
Week 1: Overview of Transformational Processes in Higher Education in Europe (15 hours)
  • Familiarization with the diversity of educational directions and training methodologies in European universities.
  • Analysis of educational trends and study of teaching materials from the distance learning system.
Week 2: Innovative Methods of Managing Higher Education (30 hours)
  • Familiarization with the system of strategic management at the Higher School of Social and Economic in Poland, including the application of IT technologies in the educational process.
  • Review of strategies for implementing distance technologies and platforms to optimize learning.
Week 3: Lifelong Learning and Its Implementation (15 hours)
  • Study of the concept of lifelong learning and its implementation at the Higher School of Social and Economic.
  • Analysis of self-education and self-development methods in the academic environment.
Week 4: Standards of Academic Integrity and Mobility (30 hours)
  • Review of the principles of integrity and standards of behavior for researchers in EU countries, their significance for the academic community.
  • Consideration of academic mobility opportunities and their impact on the professional development of scientists.
Week 5: Research and Development of Scientific Activities in Higher Education (30 hours)
  • The importance of research activities for innovation and development of educational institutions.
  • Preparation for conducting research with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and international cooperation.
Week 6: Writing and Submitting a Scientific Article (60 hours)
  • Preparation of a scientific article: Participants receive instructions and methodological recommendations for writing scientific papers, including topic selection, material structuring, and formatting according to the requirements of the "International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal 'Expert'". At this stage, participants develop their own research projects to be presented in article format.
  • Selection and review process: Submitted articles undergo an initial selection by the editorial board of the journal to determine their compliance with established criteria and thematic directions. Selected works are sent for review, where authors can receive feedback from experts in relevant fields.
  • Making revisions and final submission of the article: After receiving feedback from reviewers, participants have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to their articles to meet the quality and content standards of the journal. After finalizing the work, the article is submitted for final approval and publication in the journal.
Practical Significance and Value
Each week is defined by a clear theme that progressively expands and deepens participants' understanding from a general overview of transformational processes to specialized practices. The structure of the internship program is consistent and logical, well-structured to achieve the program's goals. It provides a comprehensive approach to the study and practical application of knowledge in the field of transformational changes in European higher education. This allows participants to deeply immerse themselves in current issues and develop their own strategies to improve the educational process in their institutions. All educational content and methodologies provide important knowledge and practical skills, enabling participants to effectively respond to the challenges of modern education and develop their professional careers.
Each aspect of the program meets the general educational objectives and allows building a solid foundation for future development and interaction in the international educational and scientific community. Thus, the program not only improves individual competencies but also promotes international dialogue and cooperation in the field of higher education.
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Join us at the Higher School of Social and Economic in Przeworsk, Poland, for an intensive six-week internship program focused on "TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESSES IN THE EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT: MODERN CHALLENGES IN THE TRAINING OF SPECIALISTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION" This program offers a deep dive into the latest challenges and methodologies that are reshaping higher education in Europe.

What You Will Gain:

  • In-depth Knowledge: Understand the core transformational processes affecting higher education.
  • Practical Skills: Apply new technologies and strategies in educational management.
  • Professional Development: Prepare and publish a scientific article with potential international impact.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and leading academics in an inspiring setting.

This is an opportunity to enhance your expertise and impact your career positively while gaining ECTS credits and a certificate recognized across Europe. Whether you are an academic, a researcher, or a doctoral candidate, this program is tailored to expand your horizons.

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Participation Procedure

Participants must send the following by April 22, 2024 (inclusive):

  • An application – to be completed using the form on the website;
  • A scanned copy of the receipt for the payment of the organizational fee* to the email address

*The organizational fee for the scientific-pedagogical internship is 70 euros in the equivalent in Ukrainian hryvnia at the commercial rate on the date of payment. This fee is payable within three business days from the date of receipt of the confirmation letter about participation in the internship project and covers postal expenses, costs associated with paying the training manager, production of international certificates, use of the official information portal, assignment of a DOI identifier, layout and peer review of the author's article, technical support for posting the article on the Internet on the official site of the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" ( and other indexing and archiving resources.

  • A scientific article relevant to the applicant's field of work – to be submitted by May 27, 2024, to the email address The file name should correspond to the surname of the author, for example, Shevchenko_article.doc. The language of publication: English, Ukrainian (Polish, Bulgarian) - at choice. The formatting of the article must comply with the requirements posted on the website of the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" (
1) It is not possible to complete the scientific-pedagogical internship without preparing and publishing an article. Certificates will be sent to participants at the postal address (details of the postal courier service) specified in the application, within 10 calendar days* from the end of the internship, and the current issue of the journal (Volume 1 Issue 4) in online format – to the email address by providing a link to it, with the release date set for June 30, 2024.
*The date of postal delivery of the certificate from Poland to Ukraine may change due to military actions, which does not affect the date of sending the current issue of the journal.
2) Please note that the internship is conducted individually. Payment of the total fee, including for the publication of the article written in co-authorship, is made by each participant of the internship, regardless of co-authorship.
Application for Participation
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